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EuroCareer provides life-changing opportunity for you and everyone else who wants to redefine their life by starting career in Poland as part of their European journey

After registration and initial fee of 200 USD, we will facilitate and send your profile and CV through EuroCareer’s vast group of companies and corporations that we co-operate with and which are actively seeking for ambitious employees from abroad. All of these companies will be able to report their interest regarding your profile within 30-60 days. After this period Euro Career will provide you with details of the companies which are interested to hire you, with all the info about salary, job description and other terms and conditions. You choose the company that you want to work with, and we get you the Initial job contract. On the basis of that contract, Euro Career then gets you the work permit from proper local authority – voevoda.

With EuroCareer you can get Polish visa and become one of many other international workers building their future in Polish companies. We guarantee that everything will be organized in a most professional manner.

Dear all, if you are interested in working in Poland, please fill the Contact Form on the main page so we can note your interest and contact you when intake will be reopened.

Currently, we are dealing with few hundred applications. Therefore, we were forced to close the intake for WORK IN POLAND in order to be fair with our clients. Our team will be striving hard to service them on priority base and within the time frame we promised.

Intake will be renewed around April/May 2019.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


Poland has the largest economy in Central Europe and according to European Union (EU) methodology unemployment rate has fallen below 4%. It means that Polish labour market is at stage where there are more job openings than people looking for them. Few factors have played role to create such a shortage:
• In 2005 Poland joined the EU and Schengan Zone, and about 1.5 million Polish citizens left the country to work in all over the Europe. This created a huge deficit in labour force in Poland
• Poland has very low Birth rate and in coming 20-25 years whole country will need huge labour force of the workers from outside to fill up the gap, between ageing working population and low birth rate.
These factors create great opportunity for everyone who wants to build their career on Polish market. Even though over one million Ukrainian citizens got Polish work permit, Poland still requires a way more than this. There is a huge shortage in construction workers, masons, carpenters, computer programmers, IT experts, doctors, nurses, drivers, electricians, technicians, engineers, architects, factory workers, cooks, housekeepers, nannies and many other. Two fundamental reasons for this significant deficit are continuously rising economy and very low birth rate.

More about Poland


Regarding visa

– advise regarding full visa applying process (requirements and all legislation)
– “Legislation in a nutshell” pdf document with neatly prepared summary of all necessary legislation knowledge
– assistance with obtaining travel health insurance policy (needed for visa purposes)

Regarding your future employer

– complete list of companies which are interested in your profile
– support with matching suitable company
– taking care of work permit procedures
– dealing with all paperwork and legislation issues
– “How to build perfect CV” and “How to prepare for job interview” pdf document
– company correspondence assistance

Regarding general support

– reliable and efficient service
– professional and prompt answer to all bothering queries (in order to mitigate uncertainty and anxiety)
– accommodation research support (providing all useful links and advice accommodation-wise)
– translation service (when needed within the service)

Step by step


*„All about Poland” pdf document is a uniquely prepared catalogue in PDF with all crucial information about the country, city of studies, culture, transportation, accommodation options, costs of living, relevant governmental institutions, essential phone applications and internet websites (for traveling, rooms renting, events and much more), important phone numbers, events and entertainment, night life, polish phrase book and tips how to find yourself in polish community

Please be advised that EuroCareer is a consultancy company not a visa issuing authority therefore we can not guarantee that an applicant will receive visa approval.

Please be advised that in order to receive visa you will need to proof that you are in poses of minimum amount of money that will allow you to live for estimated period of residence in Poland and possible return trip.


1st payment

  • Placed after
  • registering
  • (non-refundable)

2nd payment

  • Transferd after EuroCareer
  • will get for you initial and preliminary
  •  letter/contract of recruitment

3rd payment

  • Transferred after receiving
  •  work permit from
  • proper voevoda

4th payment

  • Transferred after receiving
  • visa application
  • approval

To guarantee safeness of our services second, third and fourth payment will be sorted through escrow account what basically means that money will be held by independent and licensed third party. Money will only be released if both parties (client and EuroCareer) will complete the agreed terms as prescribed in the contract. This system provides protection not only for you but for our company as well. Client is sure to receive proper service and we are sure to receive payment for our hard work

We work with respected, world well-known company

a) if work permit won’t be issued all remaining money on escrow account will be immediately transferred back to your bank account
b) if visa application won’t be approved by Polish embassy all remaining money on escrow account will be immediately transferred back to your bank account

USD 200 has to be transferred to EuroCareer bank account shortly after registration on our website. If payment won’t be received your website account won’t be considered as active.

Payment details:

EuroCareer ltd.
IBAN: PL 50 1160 2202 0000 0003 7076 0288
Poznańska 3, Luboń 62-030 Poland

USD 1900 has to be transferred to escrow bank account shortly after signing contract with EuroCareer for future services. Respectively after receiving complete list of companies, which are interested to hire you, preliminary letter of recruitment and work permit and visa application approval following amounts USD 350, USD 500 and USD 850 will be transferred to EuroCareer bank account.

Please note the basic document to get Polish Visa is Employment Letter and Work Permit
If a client will fails in getting visa application approval all remaining money will be immediately transferred back to client’s bank account (in this case USD 425)

All the escrow transaction fees has to be covered by the client – 3.25% by wire plus 20 USD for each money disbursement (credit card and PayPal has an additional processing fee of 3.05%).

Escrow account transfer instruction:
More details about particular procedures and payments will be sent by email within the service